For Photographers

Running a success, profitable photography business is hard. Trust me. I get it. When I started my business, I had two small kids at home, a full-time 9-5, and I knew absolutely nothing about running a business. Within two years, I was a six figure photographer. I was able to leave my job, provide for my family, and finally have work/life balance to be the mom and badass I knew I was meant to be. I would love to help you do the same. I would love to help you troubleshoot your business, find areas for growth, refine your sales skills, figure out your pricing, and find your footing in running in a saturated market to create a profitable business. Whether you niche in family, maternity, newborn, seniors, weddings, boudoir, or headshots, I'd love to see where we can help you grow.

Please note: I do not mentor Colorado boudoir photographers.

Website and Portfolio Review


Full website and portfolio review and feedback in writing as well as a 40 minute Zoom call to review feedback and implementation strategies

Client Experience Review


I will go through your client process in full including inquiry, phone consultation, emails, and invoicing to help you troubleshoot where you are losing your leads/getting ghosted as well as help you practice your pitch/phone consult

Pricing and Profit Review


Let's look at your pricing, desired salary, desired time off, cost of doing business and figure out what you actually need to be charging in order to be profitable

Money Block/Mindset Work


Money blocks and negative money mindsets are often the true reason I watch photographers fail. Includes a 30 minute call, homework, meditations, podcast and book recommendations, law of attraction work, and a kick in the ass.