Neon Lights Boudie Call

Let's get sexy


I'm looking for FIVE women who are interested in having a Boudoir Session in 2024. I’m very open minded about a time frame. This means you will have time to save up or get yourself ready for our session!

What you will receive for your participation:

- FREE Session Fee ($400 Value!)

- A full boudoir session in all my standard sets plus the extended additional “Neon Lights” theme.

- Professional hair and makeup included

- Full access to our Client Wardrobe which includes your choice of three outfits that you get to keep (client closet ranges from small-5X)

- A 90-minute Boudoir Session with complete posing and facial expression guidance. -Professional retouching of all final images


-Must not currently have a Boudoir Session on the calendar with me (note if you are already on my calendar, you can purchase a neon lights set add on, but you are not eligible for the boudie call discount)

-Must be 21+ (you are NEVER too old for boudoir. My eldest client to date was 72)

-Must be willing to share some images publicly (signed model release prior to session-note you can do an “anonymous session” in which we do not show your face. Ask me for more info)

-Prints, digitals, and products will be available for purchase separately. A $1,800 minimum investment is required. Your session will not include free images.

What is a boudie/model call? A heavily discounted session in exchange for ability to share your images with prospective clients, my website, and social media. What a boudie/model call is not? A free boudoir session.

To apply, please send an email to with a recent photo of yourself and a short paragraph that explains why you are interested in participating in this project. Help me connect with you!! I want women of ALL body shapes, ages, and sizes. Think you aren’t the right “body” for boudoir? Think again. My most popular client closet sizes are XL-2X. Sexy isn’t a size. It’s a state of mind.

PS. If you’ve been a boudie call model for me before, you are absolutely still eligible to be selected!! I love my repeat clients.

Accepting applications now through November 7th!!